Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our 20 Caterpillars Life Cycle!

About two weeks ago, 
our 20 caterpillars arrived in the mail.  
We quickly opened them up, viewed them, and used our senses to explore the blended mallow cup.  
As you can tell from the pictures, the Kinders were not THRILLED to smell the mallow.  
We have moved them into their individual cups and are taking notes, observing, and anxiously awaiting for these larva to turn into pupa (chrysalis).  
I anticipate that by next week, we shall have pupas.  
Come in and visit to witness this incredible life cycle!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pizza Party!

Our classroom earned a pizza party from our PTO for purchasing 
the most Dominos pizza. 
 It was the perfect way 
to welcome Spring Break!
It was yummy 
in our tummy!

Geometric Robots

Squares, circles, ovals, 
rectangles, triangles, hexagons...
What do you get when you allow 
KinderKids to explore with 2d shapes?  
Well, just look and see...
We have robots galore!
The kids created, designed, cut, and glued their lil' hearts away. 
Once done, they had to 
count, label,and graph 
how many of each  
shape they used.  
Then, the final step was to go share their robots and graphs with one another.
These kids are brilliant, I tell you!  
I just love them!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Room 5's SuperSTARS

There are a million faces all over the world, 
but none as special or unique 
as your child.
Room 5 is full of smiles, giggles, kindness, and love.  
I am proud of them and all of their uniqueness.
Each kinder is important to me and they will always make my heart smile.
Kiss your brain, Room 5!
Your teacher loves you!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring Standards for Academics

As we approach Springtime, 
the rigor of the classroom expectations increases.  
Your child will now be expected to apply his/her foundational skills into higher-level thinking activities and tasks.
For example, your child has
mastered his/her letters and sounds, so I will now be expecting them to 
apply these skills into reading and writing.  
In math, your child has mastered identifying their digits from 0-20
so we will be exploring addition and subtraction with our counting on/counting backwards foundational skills.
I will never ask your child to complete a task without having pre-taught the skill.  
Your child CAN do this.
Your child is going to find some tasks/activities challenging and this is okay.
We learn by failing and trying, trying, trying again.
First grade is right around the corner (about 60 more school days) 
and I know Room 5 will be ready.
I will ask for your help, though---daily practice with reading:
*jog arounds
*paper booklets
*old fluency pages
And, I will ask for your help with math skills:
*counting on
*counting backwards
*story problems in the car/bathtub to find the sum or solution
*identifying shapes
*simple addition and subtraction
Thank you for being your child's FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT teacher!
We will chat more at Spring conferences.